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Training Hub: Reporting

June 20, 2018

Today we’ve rolled out two new reports in Training Hub: Learner Status by Course and Course/Section Enrollment.

Get Familiar with the New Reports

As a Training Administrator you may need to access data about entire courses. These two new reports can quickly show you things like:

  • Who has completed an online course during a particular date range
  • How many people are enrolled and wait-listed in all the sections of a course

Watch this video to learn how these new reports work.

Access and Run the New Reports

  1. Log into Training Hub
  2. Select the Admin Console.
  3. Scroll down to Training Hub Reports.
  4. Click Learner Status by Course or Course/Section Enrollment.
  5. Choose your training provider name under Administered By.
  6. Use other filters as desired.

7 Days to ULearn Shutdown

As you all know, we will no longer have access to ULearn as of 11:59 pm, June 30, 2018. That’s seven working days from today. We’ll be sending a reminder of to-dos tomorrow to make sure you’ve got all your data from ULearn before it’s gone.

Once ULearn is shut down its content and data will no longer be available to anyone at the University.

Ongoing Training Hub Support

For continued help with transitioning your courses to Training Hub.:

As always, keep sending us your questions and comments!