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Studham shares vision for new learning technologies, role in higher education

June 4, 2015
Young man and woman sharing earbuds

Organizations that recognize and leverage the power of new and emerging learning technologies will have a competitive advantage in our rapidly changing world, according to Scott Studham, vice president and CIO for the University of Minnesota.

Speaking at a meeting of more than 250 CIOs and technology leaders held Wednesday in Minneapolis, Studham shared his perspectives on the key technology trends and user expectations reshaping learning in both the commercial and education environments.

"Young people today are coming to us with new expectations. They are interacting with technology in fundamentally different ways," said Scott. "The organizations that lean into these new technologies and harness their power, will enjoy a competitive advantage and continue to evolve as they fulfill their mission."

Studham's remarks were featured as part of a presentation on an agenda that included perspectives from CIOs and technology leaders at some of the Twin Cities' largest organizations, including Medtronic, EcoLab, Toro, Regis and Wells Fargo. To learn more visit Minneapolis CIO Summit.