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Studham named one of most-followed CIOs on social media

Among the most-followed CIOs on social media, VPCIO Studham shares tips for success with tech leaders
February 6, 2015
Scott Studham and YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter icons

One of the country's most-followed CIOs on social media, University of Minnesota Vice President and Chief Information Officer Scott Studham recently was featured in a story by eCampus News. Studham was one of five contributors featured in a story on tips for being successful in social media.

Studham's top tip for university technology leaders and administrators who are considering using social media: just start.

"If you are not using social platforms to engage your stakeholders, even a few small steps can help you engage and learn more about what is important to your team, faculty members, students and community," said Studham.

Studham is by no means new to the social media arena. In an October 2013 study by Huffington Post, he was listed as one of the top 50 most social CIOs in higher education, connecting with University students, faculty, staff in addition to his peers and other executives.

"Using social media in the workplace isn't so much about learning how to use a new technology; it's about understanding and leveraging new paradigms around how to engage, communicate, collaborate and, ultimately, get things done," he said.

The University's IT@UMN community uses a variety of social tools, including Google Apps, Facebook and Twitter, to collaborate and communicate with audiences across the University system. IT@UMN also uses social media to communicate outages, events, news and updates.

"Social media is doing more than changing the way organizations connect, collaborate and communicate," Studham explains. "These technologies are changing the landscape of higher education. I'm committed to helping our community benefit from these and other forward-looking technologies."

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