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Files stored on shared drives unavailable Sunday morning, Aug. 16

July 24, 2015
Graphic reading, "Scheduled maintenance. Service outage."

On Aug. 16, 2015 from 6 a.m. to noon, UMN IT will perform maintenance in order to increase the capacity of part of the central storage service, which is currently at near 70% of its limit. During this maintenance, the University’s networked data-storage system (also known as General Data storage, Active Directory Shared Drives, eNAS, Files and bulk storage) will be completely unavailable to users.

Whose files will be unavailable?

This outage has the potential to affect anyone who uses or to connect to the University’s data storage system.

Windows and Mac users: Many computers connect to shared drives, commonly recognized as alphabetically titled drives on Windows (for example, an H:\ drive), or a networked share on Mac OS X that uses, sometimes known as Active Directory Shares. The files stored here will not be available during the outage period.

What are the benefits of this maintenance for users?

When complete, we will remedy the issues which led to this maintenance, and create opportunities for further expanding the capacity of this service in the future.

Can’t this maintenance be conducted without taking the system down?

Our priority is to ensure the integrity and security of the data users have entrusted to this system. The only way to ensure that data will not be lost is to complete this maintenance with the system down. Please note: no work will be performed on the storage devices themselves, rather, we will make improvements to the connections between devices.

How long will it take?

We are confident this process will not take a full six hours to complete but have budgeted that time to allow for any unforeseen challenges that could arise.

What if I need access to my information stored in the affected areas during the outage?

It will be impossible to access the information contained in these storage locations during the six-hour maintenance period. We are offering advance notice of this outage in order to enable you to make other plans for this brief outage period on Aug. 16.

How will we know the system is back up again?

Visit the IT Service Status website for maintenance progress reports from our technicians and—when maintenance is complete—a message to let you know that the service is back up and functioning.


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