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Customizable self-help guide module now available for enterprise Drupal sites

May 5, 2017
self-help guide screenshot

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is pleased to announce that our customizable Self-Help Guide is now available as a module. For UMN enterprise Drupal site managers, getting started is simple: turn the module on, select your color scheme, and start building.

The Self-Help Guide is versatile and user friendly. It was designed to provide learners with contextual information and step-by-step instructions needed for specific tasks. Learners can either start from the beginning and follow instructions in sequence to the end, or they can jump in at any point to find the help that is most needed at the moment.

Diane Kleinman, a Self-Help Guide pilot participant, stated, "I use Self-Help Guides to communicate business processes and step-by-step instructions for projects that I work on in the University Services Finance and Strategy Project Management Office. Self-Help Guides are an excellent way to convey information in an easy-to-use format and they are very easy to create; you don't need to be a Drupal Developer. Self-Help Guides are a tool I will be using often!"

Get started

If you’d like to begin by looking at some examples, visit our Self-Help Guides page to see guides OIT has developed for the University. To begin creating your own, visit our Self-Help Guide on how to Organize & Construct a Self-Help Guide.  

Request a consultation

If you would like someone to consult with you on how to use the Drupal module, send an email to