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Qualtrics: University of Minnesota’s primary online survey tool

September 24, 2015
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Part of what makes Qualtrics so great is its range of capabilities," Wymer said. "Qualtrics offers both simple and complex features to fulfill the needs of any project and is continuing to add new capabilities regularly."

Qualtrics, the University of Minnesota's primary online survey tool, is available at no cost to U of M students, faculty, and staff. Offering creation, distribution and data analysis functions as well as advanced capabilities for experimental research, Qualtrics is the recommended survey tool by the University of Minnesota.

"Qualtrics provides a professional-grade service to active University students, faculty and staff at no direct cost," said Shelly Wymer, University of Minnesota Assistant Director of the Office of Measurement Services. "Its survey and research capabilities, along with its usability and security features, make it the industry-leading provider of online survey software."

Qualtrics' vast capabilities allow it to be as simple or complex as users need. Its tools include: easy survey building, shared survey and data collaboration, secure authentication, randomized experimental designs, data collection, embedded image and video capabilities, and newly added features like file uploads and a mobile offline app.

"Part of what makes Qualtrics so great is its range of capabilities," Wymer said. "Qualtrics isn't just a survey tool. It can help streamline data collection processes or can even be used for self-guided tutorials. This platform can be used for a variety of purposes. We are learning about new innovations from current users every day."

Despite the University's campus-wide license for Qualtrics, other tools are still being used within the University. In 2014 alone, the University spent over $42,000 on services like SurveyMonkey, Quick Tap Survey, Survey Gizmo and Wufoo when Qualtrics could have been used. University community members using and paying for other survey and research tools are encouraged to create a Qualtrics account and recreate and transfer existing surveys, experiments and research to Qualtrics. Transferring existing projects to Qualtrics will provide greater security and help reduce spending, utilize existing resources, and comply with University data and contracting policies.

"You will be surprised how quickly you can learn the basics," Wymer said. "Typically, it is fairly simple and worth the time to transfer past or current project into Qualtrics. But it does take time to develop a deep understanding of the vast range of capabilities."

Those with highly complex projects are welcome to outsource them to the Office of Measurement Services or learn more at the Qualtrics User event, which will be coming to campus in early November.

More information about Qualtrics at the University of Minnesota.

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