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Websites using Personal Web Space to be retired in June

May 15, 2017
Personal Web Space graphic

As announced in July 2016, University of Minnesota Personal Web Space service will be retired effective June 30, 2017. Personal websites hosted with this service appear in the format Other services with similar URL formats, such as and will not be impacted.

After more than 20 years of service to the University community, Personal Web Space is no longer the best option for those wishing to provide online web content. The University has several full-featured services that users may choose from to provide more functionality and ease of use. 

Available options for site content and development include:

  • Google Sites: For anyone needing easy-to-use website creation, including student organizations.
  • Drupal Lite: For departments and others with University of Minnesota affiliation and doing official University business. Not available for sites used for non-University business. More information about Drupal Lite.
  • Departmental Web Hosting Service: For departmental sites. Not available for staff, faculty, alumni, retiree, or student organization sites.
  • Moodle: For course sites.

Users with active personal web space also may choose to download and move their content on their own, or delete the site entirely if it is no longer needed or has already been moved to another host. If you would like help ensuring that you have the right content to meet the goals of your website, use the content strategy self-help guide.

Hosting Services and Web and Collaboration Services are available to assist users with their next step in the transition process. Personal Web Space will be retired on June 30, 2017, and all content will be archived on that date. Upon request, users will have online access to their archived files until Dec. 31, 2017. For more information or questions regarding transitioning a site, please contact Technology Help.