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Training Hub: Pull ULearn Data by June 30

June 21, 2018
Pull ULearn data by June 30

6 working days from now, you will no longer be able to retrieve data from ULearn. As we’ve communicated in the past, training history reports will still be available through the reporting center, but ULearn has several other types of data you may want to have on hand for future reference. We’ve consolidated a list below of instructions for retrieving each one of those reports. Remember, they must be run by 11:59 p.m. on June 30, 2018.

ULearn Data

As a training administrator, you may want to access data about:  

You may also want to create custom reports.

If you have University employees contacting you regarding their training history, you can share these Reporting Center instructions with them.

Ongoing Training Hub Support

For continued help with transitioning your courses to Training Hub: