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University Policy Update: Privacy Statement on U Web Pages

December 12, 2017
Privacy Spotlight

The University Policy on Including a Privacy Statement on U Web Pages was recently updated. (Note: Your cache may need to be cleared when viewing the updated University Privacy statement.) 

The updates include:

  • Further clarification on the types of University websites that are in scope for this policy,

  • Improvement in the readability of the procedure,

  • Minor updates to the privacy statement and language for a customized privacy statement, and

  • Joint ownership of policy with University Relations and Office of Information Technology.

It is important for units to review their University web pages and determine the following:

  1. If they are appropriately linking to the University of Minnesota privacy statement, or

  2. If a unit needs to develop and link to a customized privacy statement for their web pages.

For more information, see the procedure Select and Link to an Online Privacy StatementIf you have questions regarding privacy links or statements on University web pages, please contact University Information Security at or University Relations at