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Please Wait to Upgrade Your OS - Testing Underway

July 24, 2015
Graphic depicting a hand held up to indicate a request to stop. Text reads: Testing underway. Don't upgrade yet.

University IT asks that you wait to update your devices until we send the all-clear.

Update: As of August 20, Windows 10 has been tested to ensure a consistent experience for all who use the WiFi and Data Networks across the University system. This round of testing was successful, and the University IT community is now able to install this upgrade on University-owned devices. Before updating, you may wish to confirm that your computer's hardware and software are ready for Windows 10, by checking with the applicable manufacturers and publishers. To read more about the Windows 10 installation "all clear", click here.

Microsoft and Apple are both planning to release new versions of their operating systems in the coming weeks, and, while we know the urge to upgrade is exciting, University IT asks that you wait to update your devices until we send the all-clear.

IT professionals in Computer and Device Support and in Data Network Services who have knowledge of the University’s vast technical environment test new operating system upgrades to ensure that their changes work well with the services and systems that support teaching, learning, and work at the University.

Tests on pre-release versions of software from both Microsoft and Apple are almost complete, but companies often make small changes to the software between the last pre-release version and the update that is sent to all users.

When these final updates are released to the public, we will conduct one more round of testing, and announce the results on the IT@UMN mailing list within two weeks of the official release date.