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OIT to enable Apple School Manager

January 9, 2017
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On January 20, 2017, OIT staff will enable Apple School Manager for the University of Minnesota. This program will allow OIT to offer new options to the University, including multi-user iPads and password resets for Managed Apple IDs.

Apple has provided a limited opportunity for institutions to convert their legacy Volume Purchase Program (VPP) Facilitator Apple IDs to institutionally owned Managed Apple IDs. These Apple IDs were used to purchase software through VPP program and were created before July 28, 2014. This is the only opportunity to transition to this program. Personal and department accounts used to redeem such codes are not eligible. OIT will not be taking over these accounts - management of the codes and accounts will remain with their current holders.

Migrating your old VPP accounts will allow OIT’s Apple Product Support team to perform password resets on such accounts and ensures permanent institutional ownership over the accounts. This is important, as without this program Apple IDs can easily be stolen or lost, requiring that all remaining software codes be re-purchased. Holders of unused redemption codes will also be able to convert them to managed tokens usable through OIT’s MDM.

Apple requires that we migrate all such legacy VPP accounts to Institutional Apple IDs before the transition to Apple School Manager. If you would like your current account to be transitioned, please contact by February 17, 2017. Please include the Apple ID in question and reference this communication when doing so.