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Change of Base IP Address for All Authenticated Client-Facing WiFi Clients

March 28, 2017
Next Generation Network graphic

As part of the Next Generation Network (NGN) upgrade work, the NGN team is consolidating all authenticated wireless clients into a new range of IP addresses.

Beginning on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities St. Paul campus, the Data Network and NGN teams will be using new IP ranges for clients. This announcement is to inform the community of the change to use the IP range (this range is We are consolidating all authenticated WiFi clients into this network address range, and the local addresses are address translated at the border with our Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGN) systems.

The risk of this change is minimal. The largest potential risk would affect users trying to reach resources that are not correctly permitted in firewall configurations or IP address tables. The new NGN WiFi system is expected to begin its rollout on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities St. Paul campus in April 2017.

We appreciate your cooperation. The NGN and Data Network teams are prepared to work with any unit regarding what needs to be configured to accept these addresses. Please direct any questions or concerns regarding IP address range changes to

OIT change request details: OIT CHG0039928