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New from Google at the U: Team Drive; File Stream; Backup and Sync

May 4, 2018
Team Drive; File Stream; Backup and Sync

Google is launching a number of changes in May, adding to its portfolio of apps that enable collaboration and file management.

Google Team Drive Now Available

In addition to the Google Drive you use today, you can now use Google Team Drive. Both are a shared space where you can easily store, search, and access files anywhere, from any device.

Team Drive's key difference is that files stored there are owned by the Team Drive's members instead of an individual. Even if members leave, the files stay exactly where they are so your team can continue to share information and get work done. Learn more about Team Drive.

Google Drive for Mac/PC (desktop client) Application Retires

Google Drive for Mac/PC application (also known as a desktop client) will retire on May 12. Please note: "Google Drive for Mac/PC" is not the same thing as "Google Drive." Google Drive is used to collaborate on and store files in the cloud. Google Drive for Mac/PC is a tool used to download files to your computer. No files will be deleted or lost with this change. Learn more about how to transition

If you want to continue to have the Google Drive for Mac/PC (desktop client) functionality, Google recommends you replace it with Google File Stream which is compatible with both Drive and Team Drives. Backup and Sync is also available, but is not compatible with Team Drives.