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Training Hub: Messages and Notifications in Canvas and Training Hub

June 6, 2018
messages and notifications in canvas and training hub

Today’s email is intended for those of you using Canvas to deliver online training that you are managing via Training Hub.

Comparing Canvas and Training Hub Notifications

Both Canvas and Training Hub have methods of communicating with learners through notifications; however, the two methods are quite different. Knowing the difference between the two systems will allow you to communicate effectively with your learners.

Who Controls Notifications?

There is no way for learners to customize the Canvas notifications they receive on a course-by-course basis. Therefore, the notifications your learners have set for other courses will be the same ones used for the courses you are administering via Training Hub.

What Are The Default Notifications?

Training Hub comes with 8 default notifications enabled for each section - but you can always create, edit, or remove them as your section requires.

A example list of notification types, including enrollment confirmation, withdraw from section confirmation, etc.

Canvas has a variety of default notifications triggered by various events, such as when a grade for an activity is posted, or a reply has been posted in a discussion. Be aware that there may be cases where these notifications may confuse learners taking training due to the terminology used. For example, completing training might trigger a message such as the one below indicating an assignment has been graded.

sample notification

How Might Learners Communicate With Me?

Learners might email you directly if you have added your contact information to the course Long Description and/or to your default notifications in Training Hub.

Learners might also message you through Canvas. All instructors of the course will receive messages a learner sends from Canvas Help. The messages are viewable in the Canvas Inbox, and a copy will be sent to your University email account. You can reply to messages from either.

Sample of messages in Canvas

Continued Training Hub Support

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