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March 22, 2018
Planned change: ULearn to training hub

Good afternoon,

As one of the identified training admins responsible for transitioning courses from ULearn to The Training Hub, you will receive regular messages from the Training System Transition team in support of your transition activities.

  • Over the next few weeks, we will share reminders and detailed instructions for action items we discussed in our initial transition meetings. In this email, we’ll cover:
    • Communicating about In-Progress Online Training
    • Planning for Summer Course Enrollment
    • Updating Marketing and Informational Materials
  • During the month of April, you’ll receive links to short videos showing how to complete tasks in the Training Hub.

  • In May, as you get access to the Training Hub, we will provide self-help guides and drop-in clinics to assist you in your transition.

training system access timeline

 Communicate about In-Progress Online Training

If you have learners actively taking online training in ULearn courses you administer, we strongly encourage you to inform them that partial progress of online ULearn courses will not transfer to the Training Hub. There are two options:

  1. Encourage your learners to complete online training they started in ULearn. If they don’t complete in-progress online training by June 1, they will have to retake the course from the beginning after it’s been transitioned to The Training Hub.
  2. Encourage your learners to wait to start their training until it’s been transitioned to the Training Hub, if that is possible.

Your Next Steps

Start communicating to your learners that:

  • Partial progress of online ULearn courses will not transfer to the Training Hub;
  • They will no longer have access to ULearn as of midnight Friday, June 1; and
  • They will gain access to The Training Hub on Monday, June 5.

Plan for Summer Course Enrollment

For courses you plan to offer after June 4, you will need to decide either to:

  1. Accept enrollments in ULearn and then manually re-enter them in the Training Hub when it becomes available to learners; or
  2. Wait to open course enrollment until The Training Hub is available to learners.

This decision will likely impact when and how you choose to publicize summer courses.

Your Next Steps

  • Decide how you want to handle enrollment for courses (both online and in-person) that will be offered after June 4. Make any necessary adjustments to courses already in ULearn or wait to offer the courses in The Training Hub.

Update Marketing and Informational Materials

If you reference your training courses or “ULearn” in any materials (e.g., website, print material, onboarding documents, etc.), you need to update them with links and information about the the Training Hub.

If you need to update your course links for print and electronic communications before the The Training Hub becomes available, we recommend Z, a URL shortening service. You can create a Z link for a ULearn course now, publish the Z link across websites and print materials, and then when a course has a new URL in the Training Hub, simply log in to Z and edit the course’s custom link. With this method, you’ll only need to update your link in one location—no need to reprint or edit multiple web pages.

Your Next Steps

  • Inventory references to your courses that will need to be updated and make plans for when you will update your materials.
  • Explore Z links as a long-term strategy for handling course links. Create Z links for courses if you’d like to take advantage of the flexibility they provide.

Learn How

If you want to learn more about the Training System Transition project, the Training System Transition website is a great place to start. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email the team at In addition, if you have not yet done so, join the Training System Transition News Google Group for updates in your inbox.