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Training Hub: Manage Learner Training

June 14, 2018
manage learner training

Our next emails will cover ways to dig into training data. Today, we will focus on the functionality available through the Training Hub Admin Console: Manage Learner Training. Early next week, look for an email about new report functionality.

Check the Status of a Learner

As a Training Administrator you may be asked to check on things such as:

  • a learner’s role at the University
  • whether they self-enrolled or were enrolled by an administrator
  • which section of a course the learner is enrolled in
  • how much of a course a learner has completed

To check on the status of a particular learner:

  1. In Training Hub, select the Admin Console.
  2. Click Manage Learner Training.
  3. Search for the learner using the Learner Type filter (Employee, Student, Guest). You might need to search each type until you find them.

example of admin console

example of learner training page on admin console

Manage a Learner’s Enrollment

Let’s say a learner was accidentally enrolled in a course, and now they can’t withdraw from it because it is marked “Required.” Or maybe the learner should be in an ILT section instead of a Canvas section. Manage Learner Training can help you correct these situations.

To remove a learner from a course section:

  1. Find the learner using the steps listed above.
  2. Click Manage Training for that user.
  3. To unenroll the learner, click Remove in the rightmost column for the appropriate course section.
    1. Be careful which section you are choosing. This table shows the Date Enrolled, not the date a course section takes place.
    2. You cannot remove a learner from a course section they have already completed.
  4. If you need to enroll the learner in different course section, see enroll learner in a section.

Comparing “Manage Learner Training” With “My Training”

Learners have access to view their current and past trainings via My Training.

While both Manage Learner Training and My Training are editable tools for understanding and managing training, they differ in a few significant ways.

Manage Learner Training

My Training

Available to Training Admins only

Available to everyone for their own training

All training is displayed on one page

Training is separated into “current” and “past” tabs

Admins cannot re-enroll learners on this screen

Learners can re-enroll on this screen

Shows section info

Does not show section info

Shows learner type

Does not show learner type

Ongoing Training Hub Support

For continued help with transitioning your courses to Training Hub.:

We appreciate your feedback and questions, and look forward to continued collaboration with you as the transition process continues.