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IT community,

As a service offering, IT Service Management creates opportunities for IT process improvement by leveraging common University tools and procedures. Below are service updates, information, and opportunities to collaborate.

IT Service Management Tool (ServiceNow) Upgrade

To maintain vendor support and take advantage of an improved user interface, we will upgrade our enterprise-level IT service management tool, ServiceNow, to its latest release (Fuji). The activities will occur behind the scenes over the weekend of December 12-13 (pending final approval by the enterprise IT Change Approval Board), and no service disruption is expected. The Fuji upgrade will bring a new look and feel to the tool, but navigation and functionality remain largely unchanged.

Adrianne VanSpeybroeck is coordinating the Fuji upgrade project, and will begin active communications with ServiceNow users in the near future. Email with any upgrade-related questions or concerns.

ServiceNow Available to the IT Community

Earlier this year, the University established a new licensing agreement with ServiceNow through June 2019. With this agreement in place, all University IT staff systemwide are eligible to use this shared service management tool. Managers of existing assignment groups can add additional staff members to ServiceNow by using the update assignment group membership function (you must be logged in to ServiceNow before viewing). If your group is new to the tool, feel free to contact me directly at

ITSM Event in January

Planning for an IT Service Management event for this January is underway. There will be opportunities to meet process owners, discuss the upgrade to Fuji, and talk about what’s next for ITSM at the University. If you have topic suggestions or ideas on how to make this a great event, please fill out this Google Form. Thank you!

IT Service Management Process Owners

We have process owners working hard to enhance IT processes for the University.

  • Nick Lintgen - Process Owner for Change Management
  • Steven Meads - Process Owner for Knowledge Management and Problem Management
  • Dawn Sammon - Process Owner for Incident Management and Request Fulfillment Management

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Nick, Steven, and Dawn to learn more about their role, their plans for the future, and how you can get involved.

Thank you,

Larry Storey 

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IT Service Management Update

October 21, 2015
Larry Storey

By Larry Storey
Service Owner, IT Service Coordination

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