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Google Hangouts Meet to Include Dial-in Option July 5, 2018

June 19, 2018
Google Meet Update Dial-In Feature

Google Hangouts Meet (also referred to as Google Meet) will soon include a feature that will allow participants to dial in using a phone number and PIN for meetings starting Thursday, July 5.

With this new feature, users can use their phone to host or attend Google Meet meetings by dialing in for an audio-only experience. This feature is ideal for users who would like to participate in a Google Meet but have no access to a data connection, are missing a microphone, don't have immediate access to a computer, or just want to use their phone to connect to the audio.

There are no settings a user will need to activate to use the feature. Starting July 5, when a user starts a Google Meet or creates a Google Calendar event and chooses 'Google Meet' as their conferencing option, a phone number and PIN will automatically be included in the calendar event or Meet invite. Participants will be able to connect to the meeting audio by calling that number and entering the associated PIN. If participants are using the Meet or Calendar app on their mobile devices, they can tap the phone number and the PIN is automatically entered.

If users have pre-existing events that offer a Google Meet conferencing option and want to include a dial-in option, they will need to delete and then reschedule the Calendar event after July 5, 2018.

Read the Google Support Documentation for more information and contact Technology Help with any questions.