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Training Hub: Strategies for Course Evaluations

July 11, 2018
MicroLearning Evaluation Strategies

There are many ways to configure a Training Hub section with an associated course evaluation. In this email we will go over which evaluation options are best in a given context.

Understand evaluation options

Watch this 6-minute video for an overview of some evaluation options:

Training Hub Evaluations

Review evaluation tools

You can use any sort of survey tool to create evaluations for use with Training Hub. The three that were covered in the video are recommended by the University:

Tool Advantages Resources
Canvas Most convenient if the other course content is also in Canvas Assess and Grade Student Work
Google Forms Easiest tool to use

How to use Google Forms

Create and grade quizzes with Google Forms

Qualtrics Most robust tool Qualtrics Support - FAQs, Tutorials and Walkthroughs

Add a link to an evaluation to your completion notifications

This is the easiest way to send an evaluation out after your learners have completed a course.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Admin Console
  3. Click Manage Courses
  4. Locate the course and click Edit
  5. Scroll down to the Sections table
    1. Click Edit for the section
  6. Scroll down to the Notifications table
  7. Locate Training Completion Confirmation
    1. Click the Edit button
    2. In the body of the notification, enter the message you want the learner to receive about the evaluation
    3. Training Complete
  8. Click Save

See Connecting Evaluations to Training Hub Sections for other options.

Ongoing Training Hub Support

For continued help with transitioning your courses to Training Hub:

This is the final MicroLearning email that we planned as a part of Training Hub rollout. We may send occasional MicroLearnings in the future as new features are added to Training Hub or as questions come up.