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New website creation tool, Drupal Lite, ready for launch after successful pilot testing

December 11, 2015
New Service Offering: Drupal Lite

New website creation tool, Drupal Lite, ready for launch after successful pilot testing

With a successful pilot testing period now complete, IT Collaboration & Web Content Services is planning to officially launch its “Drupal Lite” website creation tool to the University on Monday, Dec 14.

Drupal Lite, which doesn’t require a steep learning curve, enables users to quickly and easily develop websites using more options for design, content and functionality than Google Sites.

A more attractive alternative to Google Sites

Assistant professor John Fieberg was one of the Drupal Lite pilot test participants. His goal was to develop a more attractive alternative to his existing lab site, which was created in Google Sites.

“What we had was serviceable, but I think what we have now is nicer,” John said of the Drupal Lite site.

He estimates he spent about half a day setting up the basics of the site and worked with his team to “spruce it up,” adding graphics and images.

Simplified options mean faster site development

Neurology Department staff member Steve Glennon took an extensive online Enterprise Drupal class but still didn’t feel comfortable using it to create a lab website. So, when he and Patrick Camilleri, an engineer who is collaborating with Steve’s lab, got a chance to participate in the Drupal Lite pilot test, they jumped at it.

“The site went together pretty quickly. It was very straightforward,” Patrick said. “We didn't even need to reference documentation.”

Steve estimated the team spent less than a day creating the site once all the content had been pulled together.

“Easily less than eight hours,” Steve said. “They simplified the development process by removing a lot of the choices. It really speeds things up when you don't have to decide between 87 different choices.”

Patrick said having fewer customization options than in Enterprise Drupal was well worth the time savings offered by Drupal Lite.

“Frankly, we're happy to give up some of that in order to get something put together so quickly.”

For more information

Drupal Lite was created especially for users who do not have access to web-developer resources and is an ideal solution for those who want to create small- to medium-sized sites for research projects, conferences and student groups.

For more information on Drupal Lite and other available website creation tool options, or to request a Drupal Lite site, visit UMN’s Collaboration and Web Content Services website.

Note: As a best practice and to ensure you are working within departmental guidelines, please check with your local communications office or web development team (if available to you) before building a new Drupal Lite site.

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