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Analytics and Data Integration fCoP completes charge; makes recommendations

February 29, 2016
Graphic with text Analytics and Data Integration fCoP charge complete

The Analytics and Data Integration formal community of practice (fCoP) has held their final meeting and delivered on their charge. On Feb. 16, the group provided a recommendations to Enterprise Data Management and Reporting (EDMR) in an effort to improve the University’s ability to make data-driven decisions and signaling the conclusion of the fCoP.

The fCoP found that the University is ready to become a leader in using data efficiently and effectively, and recommends the creation of:

  • a multi-source, enterprise data warehouse that supports common definitions and self-service functions to meet our current and future data and reporting needs;

  • an effective method for integrating systems across the University that provides repeatable, supportable methods and consistent use of data; and

  • a data request framework that addresses the full data lifecycle and provides users with a defined process and consistent results in our distributed data environment.

The fCoP was led by Associate CIO Tom Auld, Director of Academic Records Ingrid Nuttall, and Application Architect Aaron Bucher. However, much of the fCoP’s success is attributed to the work of its strong affinity group leads: Amy Schult, Brian Krupski, Justin Pouliot and Mark Skweres.

These affinity group leads led the review of 350 use cases and abstraction to 22 common use cases. From there, 11 categories of need were identified and translated into eight enterprise service recommendations.

The fCoP’s recommendations are summarized in the Final Report, given to EDMR and scheduled to be discussed during their March 24 meeting. Each affinity group also created a final report, linked as follows: Common Use Cases, Enterprise Service Recommendations, Data Request Framework, and Input for the Technology Roadmap.

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