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Training Hub: Enrollment Tasks for Cutover Weekend

May 30, 2018
Enrollment tasks for cutover weekend.

Today we will cover some special considerations related to enrollment tasks you may need to complete beginning on Saturday, June 2, through the end of day Monday, June 4.

This information is intended to help you plan your cutover strategy. Enrollment activities should not begin until the following key dates:

  • Enrollment functionality for Training Admins becomes fully available on June 2
  • Self-enrollment functionality for Learners becomes available on June 5.

Strategies for Transferring Enrollments from ULearn

If you need to transfer enrollments for ongoing courses to Training Hub, there are two main strategies to choose from:

  1. Manually re-enroll learners into Training Hub between Saturday, June 2, and end of day Monday, June 4.
    1. Use this option if you have set a maximum enrollment capacity for a course section and need to make sure learners who are already enrolled won’t lose their spots.
    2. Because Training Hub does not become available to learners until June 5, we strongly suggest deselecting the option to send enrollment confirmation emails to these learners. Instead, email them manually on June 5 or later. You can quickly copy the list of email addresses of enrolled learners from the class roster.
  2. Ask your learners to self-enroll, on or after June 5:
    1. Use this option if you have online trainings where large numbers of learners are enrolled or in-progress.
    2. A quick way to contact these learners would be to send an email to registrants via ULearn along with instructions to enroll in Training Hub.

Manually Re-enroll Learners from ULearn

To transfer enrollments for ongoing courses to Training Hub:

  1. Run ULearn Reports for enrollments that need to be transferred.
  2. Re-enroll learners in those courses in Training Hub by end of day June 4. Be sure to deselect the option to “Send enrollment confirmation emails to these learners.”Detailed instructions can be found in 
    1. Training Hub: Enroll Learner in a Section of a Course or 
    2. Training Hub: Enroll Multiple Learners in a Section.
  3. Send email to these learners with links to access their courses in Training Hub. Do this on or after June 5, to avoid learners getting enrollment confirmation emails before they are able to access Training Hub. 
    1. Navigate to the Edit Course page in Training Hub. Copy the deep link and paste it into the body of your email message. 
    2. On the same page in Training Hub, click on the numbers below the column heading Enrolled/Max/Waitlist to access the roster for a section.
      Course deep link
    3. On the Roster page, click on Copy Emails to Clipboard. You can then paste the email addresses into your email program. We recommend using the BCC option to prevent email addresses being visible to all recipients.
      roster page

Ask Learners to Self-Enroll

To have learners in ongoing courses re-enroll themselves in Training Hub:

  • Send email from ULearn to the existing registrants of these courses to let them know about the change to Training Hub. Include instructions on how to self enroll in Training Hub in the equivalent courses. Do this on or after June 5, when learners gain access to Training Hub.
  • Include a link to the self-help guide for learners (available later this week).

Prepare for the cutover

Set aside time between Saturday, June 2, and end of day Monday, June 4, for final cutover tasks, including enrolling learners if applicable to your situation. More details will be included in tomorrow’s email.

As you work on migrating your courses to Training Hub, remember to:

Get support by

Communicate with your learners about the transition.