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Prepare for the Cutover

April 11, 2018
Planned change: ULearn to training hub

This is the third in a series of Training System Transition support emails. In previous messages, we talked about tasks you need to complete related to preparing your learners and managing your training data. In this message, we’ll cover:

  • Creating Courses in the Training Hub, May 7-June 1
  • Planning Your Cutover Work for Friday-Sunday, June 2-4
  • Communication Tasks

Cutover timeline

 Create Courses in the Training Hub May 7 through June 1

You will receive information on how to access the Training Hub on May 7. At that point you can begin entering course descriptions, prerequisites, section details, etc.

For courses with online content:

When creating a new course in the Training Hub, you will need to specify its delivery mode as online. This will automatically create a corresponding Canvas course site in the production environment.

For instructor-led courses

You will need to create a new course in the Training Hub, specifying its delivery mode as Instructor-led.

Your Next Steps

  • Watch the short instructional video you’ll be receiving soon to learn how to create courses in the Training Hub.
  • Plan to spend time May 7 through May 31 creating your courses in the Training Hub and familiarizing yourself with its functionality. Step-by-step guides and drop-in clinics will be available to assist you.

Plan Your Cutover Work for Friday-Sunday, June 2-4

For courses you want to have available to learners beginning June 5, you’ll need to complete the tasks below between Saturday, June 2 and Monday, June 4. These tasks can be completed at a later time for courses you do not need to have immediately available on June 5.

  • For any ongoing courses where you’ve already taken enrollments, re-enter those enrollments in the Training Hub or ask your learners to re-enroll themselves. We will provide how-to instructions for both prior to June 5. If a course is near its maximum capacity we advise re-enrolling learners yourself so there is no risk of a learner losing their spot.
  • Update all links to your courses (websites, print materials, onboarding documentation, etc.).
  • Announce to your learners that courses are available in the Training Hub Monday, June 5.

Your Next Steps

  • For courses intended to be available on June 5, plan to spend time Friday through Sunday June 2 through 4 completing the cutover tasks outlined above.

Communication Tasks

University Community

The transition team will communicate to the broader University community about the transition from ULearn to the Training Hub beginning in May via central communication channels such as Brief and MyU.  

Those Who Use Completion Data

Previously, we shared some advice on information you should be communicating with your learners. We also encourage you to reach out to those who need to access training completion data for courses you administer (e.g., managers, human resources staff, etc.). You’ll want to let them know their options for accessing that data after June 30.

Your Next Steps

  • Communicate updates on the transition with those who need to access training completion data for courses you administer. You can refer them to the Find Data and Reports web page.
  • Communicate with your learners about in-progress training and summer enrollments. More information is in the March 22 email. Details on pulling lists of learners who have enrolled in your training have been added to the Find Data and Reports web page.

All the information we’ve sent you about the transition tasks you need to complete by June 1 is available on the Training System Transition webpages. The next messages you’ll receive will show you what it will be like to complete core tasks in the Training Hub.

Thank you,

Kathy Breitenbach, service owner, User Experience Support

Lisa Zinnel, project manager, Training System Transition