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Training Hub: Course Completion

May 24, 2018
couse completion

Today’s email will help you understand how learners’ training completion can be recorded in Training Hub.  As you design a course, think about which method of completion makes the most sense for each section.

Delivery Methods

Each section must have at least one delivery method and associated completion method. Training Hub allows you to configure delivery and completion methods in a wide variety of ways. To learn more, see Understand How Sections Function.

Completion Methods

When you select a delivery method, a menu will display the possible methods of course completion. You need to choose the method that makes the most sense for this section.




When Does It Make Sense?

Canvas Reports Completion

This option is available only when the delivery method includes a Canvas section. It is a good choice for mandatory online training, since you can set it up so that learners can only access the Course Completion module after completing all required modules in the Canvas course site.

  • For Canvas courses only

  • Mandatory or compliance-based training

  • When the learner must complete certain modules in Canvas in order to have their training recorded

Instructor Reports Completion

This option should be used if the instructor has to take attendance for the course. In this method, the instructor can go to the roster and mark each learner’s training as complete.

  • When the instructor must take attendance

  • When the learner must complete certain requirements in order to have their training recorded and the instructor will be monitoring progress

Learner Reports Completion

This option makes the most sense when the training is optional. Learners can update their own record to show completion.

  • Optional training

Completion Not Required

A course section may include a required part (for example, an instructor-led portion) but also an optional part (for example, a YouTube video). If you are setting up this kind of a course, you can mark the optional resources “Completion Not Required.”

  • Optional component(s) of a training


Getting to Delivery and Completion Options

  1. Navigate to Training Hub (

  2. Go to the section you are editing:

    1. Click Admin Console, and then Manage Courses.

    2. Click Edit for the appropriate course.

    3. Scroll down to Sections.

    4. Click Edit next to the section.

  3. Just below the section number, you will find Delivery and Completion Details.

Migration Reminders

As you work on migrating your courses to Training Hub, remember to:

Communicate with your learners about the transition.