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Stream Commencement Live!

May 9, 2016
smiling university graduates

Commencement season is here for the University of Minnesota! Over a span of three weeks there will be a total of 17 commencement ceremonies for undergraduate and graduate students across the University.

With a large population of students studying from over 130 countries, the logistics and timing for every family member and friend to be able to attend in person is almost impossible. Thankfully the Video Conferencing Service available through the Office of Information Technology makes each Commencement available to stream live around the World. The streams are also recorded and archived for viewing after each ceremony.

Check out the links below to view the recordings!

April 29th: ASE Graduate 
May 6th: CFANS Graduate 
May 7th: College of Pharmacy
May 12th: 
CEHD Graduate 
May 12th: CEHD Undergraduate
May 13th: CFANS Undergraduate
May 13th: School of Dentistry
May 13th: CSE
May 14th: Law School
May 14th: College of Design
May 14th: CBS
May 14th: Humphrey School
May 15th: CLA (Morning)
May 15th: CLA (Evening)
May 16th: CSOM Graduate
May 16th: CSOM Undergraduate
May 16th: School of Public Health