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Canvas Release Notes for February 3, 2018

February 3, 2018
Canvas Transition

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Watch the Canvas New Feature Screencast

Highlights for Instructors

BluePrint Courses

Associated Course Links

    • Course Details displays the associated course as a link to the course when user has permission to access it.
    • Course Details sidebar includes "Blueprint Information" button which displays most recent course sync info.

New Gradebook

Entered Grades Display

    • Allows the assignment grade to be entered and viewed in a different format than the default display for the assignment.
    • Unpublished Assignments Indicator
    • Unpublished and Muted assignments now display an indicator of this status in the column header.

Canvas Menu Interface

  • If the icon displays a window with options that actively change the interface, the icon displays as a Settings icon.
  • If the icon displays a menu with links to additional functionality or other Canvas areas, the icon displays as an Options icon.

External Apps

Duplicate Application Warning – user receives a warning when adding an external app to a course or sub-account (admins) that already exists at that course or sub-account level.