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Canvas Release Notes for January 6, 2018

January 6, 2018
Canvas Transition

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Updated Features For Instructors

New Gradebook (Optional – must be turned on by Instructor at course level)

Late Policies**

This feature allows instructors to create grading policies based off of late or missing online submissions. This enables the instructor to automatically deduct points or a percentage based on the lateness or absence of a submission.Students will see a Late label on submissions that have been penalized.
Changing the Late Policy will affect all submissions that have already been graded.
**If New Gradebook is turned on at the course level it cannot be disabled when a submission status of none, late, missing or excused is used or if late/missing policy has been enabled.

Rich Content Editor

Accessibility Checker Content Contrast Rule

The accessibility checker now verifies content color contrast without having to enable High Contrast Styles (user setting).

Accessibility Checker Design Adjustments

Users now have the ability to upload an image as a "Decorative Image" which does not require Alt Text.


Excess Rubric Criterion Points

Instructor can enter in points in excess of the maximum point value for each criterion. This allows for extra credit through rubric criteria.

UMN Development Release Notes

Canvas LDAP Integration

This integration inserts LDAP users into the Canvas User Database. This operation is performed every 10 minutes. If a user in LDAP is not found after this cycle is complete please contact and escalate to T3."