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Academic Technology FCoP completes charge; Receives approval to move forward

June 23, 2016
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In May of 2016, the Academic Technology Formal Community of Practice (AT FCoP) provided their final reports to Executive Vice President and Provost Karen Hanson and Interim Vice President CIO Bernard Gulachek for review. After review of the research and recommendations, the AT FCoP leadership received approval to move forward with next steps to put the recommendations into action.


In an effort to advance the University's teaching and learning mission, a charge was given to the AT FCoP to research and provide recommendations to improve the management, selection, piloting, and assessment of emerging technologies and support for existing technologies.

This FCoP received joint sponsorship between the Provost’s office and the Office of Information Technology. Three subgroups consisting of faculty and staff were assembled to collectively help move the effort forward. In addition, there were contributions of over 1,000 members of the University Community that included 570 University faculty, 278 staff members, 182 students, and colleagues from 20 peer institutions that provided vital feedback through surveys and interviews that led to the final recommendations.


The AT FCoP found that the University was positioned to advance and improve the use of Academic Technology and provided the following recommendations:

  • Create a central point of contact that can solve issues or connect to other support resources as needed.
  • Develop and execute a communication plan that effectively identifies types of support available to the University community and make that support more discoverable.
  • Recognize and reward learner-centered teaching practices and effective and creative use of academic technology.
  • Create an academic technology decision-making committee consisting of faculty from each college and campus along with non-faculty representatives from academic and IT units. 

For more detail regarding the FCoP’s recommendations, review the final report on the Academic Affairs and Provost website.

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