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Action Items: Transition from ULearn to the Training Hub - April 2

April 2, 2018
Planned change: ULearn to training hub

Good afternoon training admins,

This is the second in a series of emails the Training Systems Transition team is sending to you in support of your transition activities. In a previous message, we talked about managing your learners. In this message we’ll cover:

  • Moving Online Content to a Canvas Development Site
  • Generating ULearn Reports
  • Mapping Training Hub Data to Historical Training Data

Move Online Content to a Canvas Development Site

If you have online course content housed in ULearn or Moodle, we encourage you to request a Canvas development site and start building those course sites now.

Your Next Steps

  • Plan to move your content housed in ULearn before June 30, 2018. After June 30, there will be no access to content or data in ULearn.
  • Move your training course content from Moodle to Canvas in time to offer your course and no later than August 2019. The University of Minnesota is transitioning from Moodle to Canvas, therefore Moodle will not be integrated with Training Hub. Moodle will no longer be available for active instruction at the University in August 2019.

Learn how

Learn How to Use Canvas

Generate ULearn Reports

Training Completion Data 

For employee learners

Training completion data will continue to be available in the Reporting Center. To learn more, see Finding Training Records in the Reporting Center. 

For non-employee learners

Training completion data for non-employee learners will need to be exported from ULearn before June 30. After June 30, that data will be permanently unavailable. You may also want to export the data for easier manipulation.

Other ULearn data

You will need to export and store any other ULearn data used in your department’s business processes or required for historical record. This might include past enrollment numbers, evaluation data, assessment scores, course descriptions, course IDs, etc. 

Your Next Steps

  • Review your business processes and determine what ULearn data you will need going forward. Determine which reports in ULearn can be used to export that data.
  • For active courses, wait to export the data you need from ULearn until after the June 4 cutover to the Training Hub so you get all the data. Remember, it will no longer be available after June 30.

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Map Training Hub Data to Historical Training Data

Training Hub will not contain data from ULearn or other previous enterprise training systems.

The Data Warehouse will continue to be the mechanism for storing all training data including new Training Hub data and historical training data. Because of this, you can use the Data Warehouse to report on a learner’s training history or the history of a course. 

There are three scenarios you might find yourself in:

  • You are currently connecting training completion data to historical data and would like to continue to do so..
  • You would like to start connecting new training data to ULearn training data.
  • You would like to be prepared to report on your training data in the future.

Your Next Steps

  • Determine if you’ve been tracking training completion using the Data Warehouse.
  • Decide on a strategy for course titles and course number that will allow for connecting data going forward.

Learn how

Training Hub: Course Names and Historical Data

As noted above, we will be sending more communications in the near future. The Training System Transition webpages will have all these resources as they become available. We are here to support you as you work on transitioning to the Training Hub.

Thank you,

Kathy Breitenbach, service owner, User Experience Support

Lisa Zinnel, project manager, Training System Transition