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Application Delivery Infrastructure fCoP rallies around charge, establishes affinity groups

October 26, 2015


The Application Delivery Infrastructure (ADI) fCoP, charged with developing a roadmap and management framework for virtual desktop and application delivery, engaged more than 50 IT professionals at its August kickoff event and emerged with a plan for success. The fCoP will reconvene tomorrow at 10 a.m. in HHH50B to review the infrastructure that supports application delivery and the status of testing and affinity group progress.

The fCoP participants have charged two affinity groups with driving deliverables. One group, led by IT Director Mike Waltonen, will focus on the development of a three-year roadmap, including identifying quick wins for the first year. The other, led by Associate IT Director Kevin Smith, will work towards an established service management and governance framework.

ADI refers to the ability to stream applications on-demand from a central server, instead of installing them directly on your computer. Benefits include centralized management and easy scalability, availability and deployment.

The fCoP’s current focus is engaging students with available applications, which include Creo, Ansys and SolidWorks. Students interested in participating can sign a student agreement or reach out to Susan Spanovich for more information.

For more information on the ADI fCoP and its affinity groups, please visit the fCoP webpage or contact IT Director Jim MacDonald.

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