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May 7, 2018
Planned change: ULearn to training hub

Email to training administrators sent May 7, 2018

As a training administrator, you now have access to the Training Hub!

Beginning today, you will have access to enter your courses and sections, including setting enrollment options, defining prerequisites, and tying your Training Hub courses to Canvas. To support you in completing these administrative tasks, self-help and open labs are available.

Use the Self-Help Guide

The Self-Help Guide for Creating and Managing courses provides step-by-step instructions for how to plan, create, and manage courses.

Attend an Open Lab

Open Labs provide an opportunity for you to bring your questions and work on tasks with transition team staff on hand. Training Hub Open Labs for Training Administrators are scheduled throughout May and June. Registration is requested, but not required, and drop-ins are welcome.

Complete Preparation Tasks

There are 26 calendar days between today and June 1, when ULearn will become unavailable to learners. To stay on track and find support for the transition, be sure to reference the task list for transitioning courses on the Training System Transition website.

Cutover Weekend

Up until Friday, June 1, learners will continue to have access to enroll in and complete courses in ULearn. Once access to ULearn is turned off, Training Hub’s enrollment feature will be enabled. This allows you to move enrollments from ULearn to Training Hub during the cutoff weekend, June 2-4, in advance of the system becoming available to learners on June 5.

Report Technical Issues

As you know, Training Hub is a newly built system, and although we have done extensive testing, bugs are nearly inevitable. Please email to let us know if Training Hub does not work as expected.  

The Training Hub was designed for the University of Minnesota, and we hope that you find it intuitive to use. We want to thank our partners in the AHC for developing Training Hub as well as everyone involved in its design and testing. As always, if you have questions about the transition, contact

Thank you,

Kathy Breitenbach, service owner, User Experience Support

Lisa Zinnel, project manager, Training System Transition