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3rd annual Campus Codefest August 20 & 21

August 4, 2015
Third annual campus codefest August 20 & 21

The University of Minnesota's Office of Information Technology is hosting its third annual Campus Codefest in August. The event gives University staff members the opportunity to learn, build professional relationships within the IT community, and collaborate on shared skills and interests.

The event will be held on campus in the Hubert H. Humphrey building Room 50 A/B, beginning Aug. 20 at 8 a.m. and concluding Aug. 21 at 8 p.m. The two-day time period provides an avenue for collaboration across University IT departments.

"All kinds of good things come from just putting people in the same room together," Applications Developer Chad Fennell said. "If you want to get to know somebody, work with them. This event allows people to do that outside of their own organization."

IT staff members of all skill levels and interests are urged to register and attend this year's Campus Codefest. There will even be a "Learn to Code" table at the event for beginners who are interested in getting started, or who are just curious about software and programming.

"People coming open and willing to learn is huge," Educational Technologies Consultant Alison Link said. "Anyone who is open and willing to learn is invited and will find a home if they come."

The overall success of the Codefest, which is designed to be informal and self-directed, depends on the contributions of the participants. Project ideas at any stage of development can be brought to the event or submitted to the Campus Codefest page, where participants can get feedback and give their feedback on other project ideas.

"People come really excited to share," Link said. "The type of openness people have for sharing and being informed and learning is really different than if it's a formal event."

"In a regular conference you would be creating an agenda and putting it in front of people," Application Development Senior Manager Kemal Badur said. "This is the opposite of that. We want people to bring their own ideas and get each other excited."

The hope is that more valuable projects and work will be completed at this year's Codefest; but that's not the only goal.

"This is where you are supposed to come to learn, to meet people, and to build community," Badur said. "That's what we're after. We're not just looking to get work done, we're not just looking to further the needs of our individual departments. We are there to learn, meet each other and have a good time."

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