Zoom Requires Password Protection for New Meetings and Webinars

Image of a Zoom meeting taking place on a mobile phone.

Beginning at 6 a.m. on Saturday, May 16, all newly created Zoom meetings and webinars will be password-protected. Zoom meetings or webinars you created before May 16 will not retroactively be password-protected at this time. This change will only impact participants who join by telephone.

Participants joining by telephone will be required to enter a 6-digit password to enter Zoom meetings or webinars. The password will be included in the auto-generated invitation to the Zoom event. This is a similar experience to other conferencing platforms. 

The majority of participants use Zoom’s desktop client or web browser. They will not need to do anything differently. The link that Zoom generates for new meetings will have the password embedded in it. Participants will be able to join just as they did before, by clicking the link. 

Note: As a host, please do not share Zoom meeting links publically on websites as this is the biggest enabler for Zoombombings. Read tips for how to improve appropriate access.

Before this change, hosts who wanted to password-protect their meetings had to change the setting manually. With this change, security for Zoom meetings and webinars will be enhanced by inhibiting the ability of unwelcome, disruptive guests to join Zoom meetings. 

Please contact Technology Help with questions about this change. If you would like to receive more frequent Zoom news, join the Google Group.