Zoom Display Names Update Automatically

Zoom join a meeting interface

As of Thursday, February 11, the University of Minnesota Zoom application began using an automated process to update Display Names. As a result of this change, you might notice some slight changes to your Names within the Zoom Desktop Application, online profile, and during your Zoom Meetings and Webinars. 

Why We Made the Change

The UMN Zoom support team has received numerous reports from faculty, students, and staff that their default Zoom display name is no longer accurate and/or does not match the name that other University systems and official records display. This change ensures that your Display Name in Zoom dynamically updates to match your name as it appears in MyU on the MY INFO tab.

We regret that we are not yet able to provide a field that permanently displays personal pronouns at this time. We know that this is important and impactful. Zoom intends to add this feature in the near term and we will make it available as soon as possible. 

What Changed

  • Your Zoom Display name will be set to your Primary/Legal Name (PRI). If you have a Preferred Name (PRF), it will default to that instead.
  • Most users will not see a change. Users with special characters, diacritics, or symbols may see some irregularities in the way their Zoom name appears.
  • If your name appears incorrectly or you wish to change your persistent Zoom display name, you must edit your Preferred Name to reflect your preference.
    1. Sign in to MyU using your Internet ID and password.
    2. Click the MY INFO tab.
    3. Next to your name, select the edit button.
    4. Create or edit your name and click the "Add a new name" button.

Note: Technology Help will no longer be able to make name changes to your profile.

  • Any existing pronouns added to your current Zoom Display Name will no longer appear.

Manually Add Your Personal Pronouns

Zoom is working to add a pronoun field within profiles in the near term. In the meantime, you can add your pronouns manually within a Zoom meeting either by

  • using the More section in the Participants panel;


  • or selecting the three dots within your video thumbnail.

Please note: Adding your personal pronouns to your Preferred Name in the MyU MY INFO tab is not recommended. Your Preferred Name appears in many applications and may be displayed in different formats, such as last name first. Please only enter your Preferred first and last name in the Preferred Name field. See a list of applications where the preferred name is displayed


If you have any questions about this change, please contact Technology Help.