Which WiFi Network is Right for Me?


Connecting to the internet while on campus? There's a WiFi network for that! There are two WiFi networks available to meet the needs of everyone on the University of Minnesota campus:


The fastest and most secure network on campus, eduroam (ed-u-roam) is the preferred secure network at the University of Minnesota for students, faculty, and staff.

To use eduroam, simply select eduroam from the WiFi network options and enter your full University email address and password. eduroam is available at all University of Minnesota campuses (Twin Cities, Duluth, Morris, Crookston, and Rochester). 

eduroam is a secure, world-wide roaming access service. It allows you to securely access WiFi using your full University of Minnesota email address and password when visiting other participating institutions. The eduroam network is also available for visitors from other campuses that employ eduroam, who can use their own credentials from their institution to log in.

eduroam ensures a private, secure network connection and works with common operating systems including Microsoft Windows (XP and beyond), Apple OSX, many smartphone OSs, and most current Linux distributions.

Learn more about eduroam and find out where you can access eduroam across the world!


UofM-Guest is for guests at the University who do not need or do not qualify for a sponsored account. Guests and visitors can simply choose the network "UofM-Guest" from their network options, and follow the instructions on the WiFi access pop-up screen.

NOTE: The University of Minnesota's WiFi networks are currently in the process of being upgraded as part of the Next Generation Network project. It is possible to also access the network named "UofM Guest." Learn more about how to connect to U of M WiFi as a guest or visitor.

Questions about WiFi? Contact Technology Help.