Upcoming Changes to PeopleSoft Interface

PeopleSoft Upgrade: Changes to PeopleSoft User Interface

People who use PeopleSoft will notice some changes to the user interface as a result of an upgrade to PeopleTools (version 8.59) scheduled for April 23-24, 2022. This article outlines several changes PeopleSoft users will see as a result of the PeopleTools upgrade.

Homepage Changes

  • The Homepage Selector will move to the top left just below the banner. 
    new location of homepage selector
  • A homepage toggle will be added on the top right
    homepage toggle button
  • Recently Visited (clock icon) and Favorites (heart icon) will be accessed with one click on the left side. 
    clock icon for recently visited and heart icon for favorites

Menu/Navigation Changes

  • Menu options will be sorted alphabetically by default.
    • You can change the many sort order back to "Standard" from Settings (gear icon) in the NavBar.
  • Breadcrumbs in the Menu will allow you to easily see your navigation path and go back to a previous folder. 
  • The NavBar icon will change slightly but is located in the same place. 
    NavBar clock icon
  • The Notifications icon will be a bell instead of a flag. 
    notifications bell icon
  • The Navigator will be renamed to Menu and the icon will change. 
    menu icon
  • Global Search will move to the center of the banner. For best results, users will select from a dropdown many the pillar they want to search in. 
    global search bar
  • The Classic Home will be decommissioned and will no longer be available.

New Feature: Autocomplete 

Autocomplete will provide suggestions as you type in many fields within PeopleSoft.

  • Autocomplete will be turned off by default. Users can turn this functionality on/off by going to Actions > My Preferences > Navigation Personalizations > Autocomplete.
  • The Autocomplete feature will sync across all pillars. 

Branding for Non-Production Environments 

When working in the non-production environments, you will see very light text in the background identifying the environment.

QAT environment interface

HR and Finance Specific 

New Feature: Classic Plus 

  • Brings an updated look and feel to delivered PeopleSoft pages
  • This impacts just the style, spacing, and coloring of objects on pages. The navigation and relative placement of fields and buttons remain the same.