TrainingHub: Connect Canvas to Training Hub

Microlearning connect canvas to training hub

Today’s email will focus on Connecting your Canvas course site to Training Hub.

Canvas course sites

If you have online courses, you’ve been working on setting up your development sites in Canvas for the past few months. Now that Training Hub is available, you can move that content over into sites associated with Training Hub.

In Training Hub, when you create a course section and select Canvas as your delivery method, an associated Canvas course site is automatically created. The next step is to copy your development site content, and then add the “Complete Course” external tool. This tool is required to enable course completions to be recorded and tracked in Training Hub.

Adding the Complete Course external tool to communicate back to Training Hub

Find your Canvas course site associated with your Training Hub course:

  1. Navigate to Training Hub (

    1. Click Admin Console.
    2. Click Manage Courses.
    3. Click Edit for the appropriate course.
    4. Scroll down to the Sections area.
    5. Click Canvas Course for the appropriate section (under the Location column). This opens your Canvas course site.
  2. Navigate into the Modules area of your Canvas course site.
  3. Add a final module to your course called Training Completion.
    1. See How do I add a module?
  4. Add the Complete Course external tool to the new module.
    1. Click the plus button in the upper right of the Training Completion module to open the Add Item to Training Completion window.
    2. Select External Tool from the Add menu.
    3. Select Complete Course.
    4. Click Add Item.
  5. Set the required prerequisites on the Training Completion module.
    1. See How do I add requirements to a module?
    2. See How do I add prerequisites to a module?

Additional Resources

You can refer to the following additional resources as you continue working with Canvas and Training Hub:

Migration Reminders

As you work on migrating your courses to Training Hub, remember to: