Security Alert: New Tactic for Unemployment Scams

security alert: new tactic for unemployment scams

The University has received reports of a change in tactic with unemployment scams. Scammers are sending text messages to individuals, both to phone numbers and to email addresses.

These text messages state that the unemployment claim is on hold for verification purposes, and they request that the individual follow the provided link and update their details.

What To Look For

A recent example of a scam text message is:

“Your MINNESOTA unemployment insurance claim is currently on hold for verification purpose. Please verify your claim by clicking the link provided below [ URL] to sign in and activate your account.”

What To Do 

If you are University of Minnesota faculty, staff, or student staff and you have been effected by unemployment fraud, please report it to the Office of Human Resources, Employee Relations at [email protected].

Learn More

For more details about recent unemployment scams and what to do if you have received notice of an unemployment claim that you did not file, read Security Alert: Unemployment Fraud in Minnesota.