NGN Project Update: Twin Cities

Next Generation Network graphic

The Next Generation Network (NGN) project team is beginning to make changes to prepare for the new incoming network equipment for the WiFi and Core routing segments. In order to prepare, the project team will be physically sliding existing core router hardware and controllers out of their racks and onto temporary platforms on the Twin Cities campus.

This work is scheduled to begin Thursday, February 23 at 5:30 a.m. and finish at 6:15 a.m. These moves are physical in nature and are not expected to cause service issues. Work will be conducted in the following buildings:

5:30 a.m. - 6:15 a.m.
Peik Hall Core

5:30 a.m. - 6:15 a.m.
Scott Hall Core

5:30 a.m. - 6:15 a.m.
Heller Hall Core

5:30 a.m. - 6:15 a.m.
Hanson Hall Core

5:30 a.m. - 6:15 a.m.
BioScience Core

5:30 a.m. - 6:15 a.m.
Bio Ag Eng Core

5:30 a.m. - 6:15 a.m.
Centennial Hall Core

5:30 a.m. - 6:15 a.m.
Phillip Wangensteen Core

Please contact the NGN project team at [email protected] with any questions. Thank you for your cooperation.