News from NGN: Wired Network Upgrades Complete on West Bank, East Bank North

What's new with NGN

Next Generation Network (NGN) wired network upgrades have been substantially completed on the West Bank, East Bank South, and at Twin Cities Athletics venues. WiFi and wired network service is stable and performing well.

Wired network upgrades continue to progress through the East Bank of the Twin Cities campus, and teams are preparing buildings for upgrades over the summer in Twin Cities residence halls and apartments.

Wired network upgrades are being conducted on the University of Minnesota Duluth campus from May through August. The University of Minnesota Crookston is also preparing to begin wired network upgrades over the summer.

Visit the NGN website at to view the projected wired network upgrade schedule. Please note that the NGN schedule is subject to change. The team will use opportunities to convert buildings earlier when possible. Progress will be tracked to the best of our ability and we will update the website once the upgrade in each building is complete. During the conversion, some end users experience a momentary network disruption, however, the work has created only a minor number of incidents to date and extended outages are not expected.

If you have any questions, please contact the NGN team at [email protected].