News from NGN: WiFi Upgrade Complete

Next Generation Network graphic

The WiFi portion of the Next Generation Network (NGN) project has been substantially completed on all University of Minnesota campuses.

9,080 access points (APs) were replaced in approximately 80 days by NGN teams. The NGN team thanks everybody who had a hand in the planning, execution and successful completion of the project.

On the Twin Cities campus, only a minor amount of incidents were reported. All performance or equipment issues were monitored carefully and responded to quickly. The new WiFi system has seen a high point of 80,000 unique users on the network per day.

As students, faculty, and staff return to campus for the beginning of the fall semester, network engineers and NGN project team members will be monitoring the network and WiFi performance extremely carefully. Small system adjustments will continue to be made as appropriate to improve the WiFi experience. However, no service disruptions from these adjustments are expected. While traffic load issues were recently identified and addressed on the Twin Cities and Duluth campuses, the NGN team is confident that the system will continue to offer excellent performance for UMN users.

Coming up next for the NGN project, a core network cutover is planned for the weekend of November 25-26, 2017. More information will be available soon and we will be communicating directly with any affected audiences. If you have questions about NGN, please contact the project team at [email protected].

The dedication, collaboration, and stellar teamwork of NGN team members across all campuses contributed directly to the success of the WiFi upgrade. For the first time ever, the entire University system is on a unified and interconnected WiFi system. This helps support the University’s mission and daily productivity and allows [email protected] to provide the best service for users statewide.


NGN WiFi Infographic