News from NGN: Upcoming Wired Network Upgrade in St. Paul

What's new with NGN

Wired network equipment upgrades will begin on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities St. Paul campus in Fall 2018 as part of the multi-year Next Generation Network (NGN) project.

The upgrade work will occur building-by-building. While work is underway, WiFi and wired network service to impacted buildings will be intermittently unavailable. The outage period will depend on the amount of equipment to replace and upgrade.

Visit the NGN website at to view the projected wired network upgrade schedule and estimated downtime. 

Please note: The NGN schedule is subject to change. Progress will be tracked as closely as possible and the schedule will be updated once the upgrade in each building is complete. Outage duration is an estimate and may change. Start dates may be adjusted at any time, so be sure to continue to check the schedule.

Please share the details of this wired upgrade

Share these details with your teams and departments, and inform your faculty and researchers that there will be a network outage. Additionally,   

  • Be aware of sensitive research or running processes, classes, meetings with a video component, or events that may be affected.

  • Where possible, consider alternate options for your work. Move presentations to thumb drives, save documents to your desktop to work offline, utilize a mobile hotspot, work from a remote location, different building, or University library, or conduct meetings in person or via phone where an internet connection is not required.

  • NGN teams will be placing signage in buildings where they are actively working. If you would like to request additional print-on-demand or digital signage for your buildings or offices, please contact [email protected].

  • If you have schedule questions, please contact [email protected].

Schedule details

  • Wired network upgrade work will happen during business hours, from approximately 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Cuts to the new equipment and related network outages will generally be performed in the morning hours.

  • The project team does not expect to perform any building cuts on weekends or holidays. Overtime work is not in scope.

Class considerations

  • Cuts and related network disruptions that may affect classrooms will be conducted in the early morning hours to the best of our ability to minimize disruptions as much as possible. However, be sure to inform your faculty of possible interruptions so they can be prepared with non-network-dependent activities for the upgrade period, such as presentations on thumb drives, paper quizzes, etc.

  • The NGN project team will work with Office of Classroom Management (OCM) and Academic Health Center (AHC) Classroom Management to lessen disruptions.

  • In the rare case where the upgrade team needs to enter a room, OCM and AHC will provide access to classrooms and spaces.

  • If you have classroom or schedule considerations, please contact [email protected].

Wired upgrade support

  • If there is a local DHCP server on your network, you must verify the jack/port with OIT by contacting Technology Help before your building is scheduled to be upgraded. Failing to notify OIT will result in service disruption. If you utilize the enterprise DHCP service, no action is needed.

  • All support inquiries should be sent through Technology Help (1-HELP).

  • NGN teams are coordinating with Desktop Support and other groups to help with support in the field.

Please be assured, the project team will not cut over anything during any phase of NGN if there is a known service issue with the new process, functionality, or equipment. If you have any questions, please contact the NGN team at [email protected].