News from NGN: Project Update for October 2019

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Next Generation Network (NGN) project teams are continuing to make progress across all five University of Minnesota campuses.

Wired Network (Distribution/Edge) 

NGN teams continue to work to upgrade the University’s wired network system-wide. 

The status of Twin Cities wired network upgrades are as follows. (Please note: Conversion of private LANs and buildings still needing fiber or additional work, of which there are several on each campus, are not counted here.)

St. Paul campus: 100% complete

West Bank: 100% complete 

East Bank: 82% complete 

Twin Cities Residence Halls: 97% (All except Como Student Co-Op complete.)

Duluth: 100% complete

Crookston: 60% complete  

Wired network upgrades for UMN remote sites across greater Minnesota are scheduled for fall and winter 2019 through spring 2020. See the current schedule.

At this time, NGN teams believe the upgrades will be substantially complete with all cutovers by June 2020.


Wired network (distribution/edge) upgrades at Crookston are about 60% complete. Building cutovers and upgrades (for fiber, closets, and other items) will continue through the fall and winter.


The Duluth Distribution and Edge cutover is substantially complete. 


The Morris core has been successfully cutover. Teams are visiting the campus to work out wired network (distribution/edge) cutovers and some buildings will need fiber work. 


The Rochester core has been successfully cutover. The team is working to schedule Rochester wired network (distribution/edge) upgrades in the next two months.