News from NGN: GigaPop Upgrade

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On Saturday April 22, 2017, University network engineers will be performing hardware and software upgrades to the University’s three GigaPop routers. GigaPop routers are where the University and other Minnesota state partners connect to commercial and research internet access, as well as local peering with many partnering institutions.

The GigaPop router upgrade will improve processing and speed capabilities needed to support the Next Generation Network border, backbone, and core routers. These routers are designed with redundancy, and the upgrades work should not cause significant service interruptions. However, minor service interruptions may be observed when moving services from one router to another. Each router will be down for up to four hours. The team does not anticipate any University-wide service interruptions. The work will commence at 6 a.m. and should be completed by 9 p.m.

U of M System Status will be updated once the upgrades are completed. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the NGN team at [email protected].

OIT change request details: OIT CHG0039830