News from NGN: Core Upgrade Complete

NGN What's New

The Next Generation Network (NGN) Core Cutover was successfully completed this past weekend, December 2 and 3, on the Twin Cities campus. The upgrade work of replacing core equipment and migrating from old to new was a massive undertaking and disruption was minimized as much as possible.

The project team addressed related issues on Monday, December 4; all were resolved and the network is stable. The most significant issues were configuration conflicts between the new core systems and the WiFi system. Once these were resolved, the network team took action to reboot all affected WiFi access points on the Twin Cities campus. WiFi service is now operating as usual. Any questions or reports regarding WiFi should be directed to Technology Help at 612-301-4357 or [email protected].

As a result of the network changes there is one important issue for devices connecting to the network: Devices using static addressing with misconfigured subnet masks and/or default gateways are no longer operating as expected. We have noticed this has impacted some printers, and computers and appliance devices using static addressing. The preferred solution is to use DHCP to assign a reserved static IP address, or if the devices do not support DHCP, then to correct the subnet mask. If you think this affects you or your systems, please contact Technology Help (612-301-4357 or [email protected]) and they can assist with re-configuration or troubleshooting.

The next major phase for NGN is the Data Center core upgrade, which is targeted for March 2018. If you have any questions, please contact the NGN team at [email protected].