New in Zoom: Updated Reaction Panel

Zoom Reaction panel

On February 1, Zoom changed the Reaction and Participants panel. These changes may impact how hosts interact with participants in live Zoom sessions.

  • Non-verbal feedback (Yes, No, Slow down, Speed up, Raise Hand) have been moved to the Reactions menu and have an outline. When these reactions are selected, they persist until the participant or the host clears the reaction.
  • Away and Busy statuses have been removed.
  • Meeting reactions on the top row of the Reactions menu (Applause, Thumbs Up, Heart, Laughing, Surprise, TaDa), when selected, appear in the Participant Panel and in the participant’s thumbnail for 10 seconds before disappearing.

Note: Users need to update their Zoom application to Version 5.5.0 before they will see these changes. Meeting reactions and Non-verbal feedback are settings enabled by the meeting host.