New Features are Available When Publishing Media Using Kaltura

student recording a video assignment with Kaltura

New Features

The “Embed Kaltura Media” button in the Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE) was recently updated with new features.

From the RCE, at the time of embed, users can now: 

Enable media to be downloaded by viewers

    • This is a benefit to learners who may have limited access to the internet.

Publish media with a transcript viewer

    • Enables viewers to search for words found in closed captions of the video recording. When the media is played back, the associated words are highlighted in the transcript.

Embed audio clips in a smaller player

    • Previously, audio-only clips were accompanied by a video-sized black screen. Hearing the audio and seeing a black screen caused some learners to think there was supposed to be a video and it simply wasn’t playing correctly. The new embed audio in a smaller player feature provides a distinct look for audio-only media, reducing confusion.

Embed as a thumbnail

    • This feature shows a thumbnail of the media instead of the full player interface. When a viewer clicks the thumbnail, the player interface appears.

Set embed preferences as your default.

Any of the above selections are set as your new default when clicking the </> Embed button on the Embed Kaltura Media page.

    • If you do not want your selections to become your new default, uncheck the checkbox.

Set start/stop times of the media

    • When embedding media, you can now set the start time and end time to indicate which segment of the recording you would like learners to focus on. Viewers will still be able to view the whole recording if they prefer.

See Canvas: Add Media from Kaltura Using the Rich Content Editor for more information.

Please note: these changes will not impact existing Kaltura embedded videos in Canvas. To take advantage of these features, you will need to re-embed your Kaltura media using the Rich Content Editor.

Use player options in Kaltura MediaSpace

Playlist Options

Kaltura in Canvas

Kaltura in Canvas supports creating a playlist (a set of media from the course’s Media Gallery) which enables course instructors and designers to specify the order in which students interact with the media items. Playlists appear in the Canvas Media Gallery, and can be embedded using Canvas’ Rich Content Editor (RCE).

To learn more about playlists in Kaltura for Canvas, visit:

Kaltura MediaSpace

Kaltura MediaSpace also supports creating two types of playlists.

  1. Channel playlists, which are similar to Canvas Media Gallery Playlists described above.
  2. User playlists, which anyone can create using the My Playlist tab. More changes are coming in this area in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more updates.

To learn more about using playlists in Kaltura MediaSpace, visit MediaSpace: Use Channels to Group and Control Access to Media and see the sections: