Keep Teaching Weekly Webinars

A fresh line-up of Keep Teaching webinars are now available!
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Keep Teaching

Listed below are the scheduled sessions for the week of May 11th. Webinars consist of short demonstrations and time for questions and answers. 
Make sure to use the Keep Teaching website as a reference. It is continuously being updated and revised as we work our way through this challenging time.  
Drop-in sessions are available to instructors, Monday - Friday, from 10 am to 2 pm. 

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Tuesday, May 12
11 a.m.

We will cover all things accessibility-related in Canvas. We are available to answer questions about best practices, UDOIT, or accessible exams.

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Wednesday, May 13
1 p.m.

Canvas Gradebook
We'll discuss items you need to attend to as you wrap up the year and finalize grades.

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Thursday, May 14
11 a.m.

Canvas Essentials
We'll review the Canvas interface, tools, features, and course design options.

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May 15

11 a.m.

Designing for mobile
Students use the Canvas Student App a lot to access courses on their mobile devices. It is important to understand what works well on mobile, as well as it’s limitations, in order to design learning environments that work for your students.

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