Identity and Access Management Update

Technology News: Identity and Access Management Update

The Identity and Access Management program (IAM Secure) is a University-wide effort to modernize identity and access management services. IAM aims to provide secure and adaptable access to systems, applications, and data.

Currently, the five product teams within IAM are

  • Developing targeted access and identity management strategies,
  • Upgrading critical technologies,
  • Building automated student enrollment groups in Grouper,
  • Forming a new Active Directory (AD) team,
  • Implementing identity and integration stories,
  • Working on their security gap analysis, and more.

Along with OIT's Infrastructure and Production directorate, IAM is halfway through the first official program increment (PI) and is in the midst of planning for the next PI, which kicks off in January 2021 with additional features and priorities.

Contact Information

Jake Fleming, Service Owner, Identity and Access Management