Hardware Purchasing Service Moving to UMN Bookstores

Planned Change: Hardware purchasing service moving to UMN Bookstores

Beginning on February 20, 2023, the University of Minnesota Bookstores will become the primary vendor for computers, devices, and computer accessories for University departments on the Twin Cities campus. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) will discontinue its Departmental Computer & Device Purchasing service offering that currently serves University of Minnesota - Twin Cities departments, including the Health Care Component.

The OIT's purchasing website is at its end of life and cannot be supported. Instead of developing a new e-commerce site, OIT is transitioning this service to the University Bookstore. This change is intended to improve the purchasing experience for departments. The University of Minnesota Bookstore is well-known for great customer service and will leverage their retail and delivery expertise and infrastructure (U Market). OIT Technology Help will continue to help people set up, manage, and use their new devices.

Service Responsibilities Following the Transition

The Bookstore will Offer

  • University-negotiated discounts
  • University standard computer models and accessory selections displayed in the Bookstore's catalog for easy purchasing
  • Common items stocked on campus Delivery to the University location you designate
  • Ordering consultations
  • Non-standard computers and accessories quotes and purchasing
  • Order ETA information and updates

The Office of Information Technology will Offer

  • Self-help guides, service desk staff, and desktop support technicians to assist with set up
  • Imaging, management, and asset-tracking services
  • Collect old equipment 

Transition Expectations

  • During a brief transition period, February 10 - February 19,  departmental hardware and peripheral purchases will be unavailable.
    • If you have an emergency purchasing need during the one week transition period, please email [email protected] for a consultation.
  • All orders submitted to the OIT and HCC hardware purchasing sites before the set transition date will be fulfilled by OIT.
  • Departments can expect to see a price increase of 8% or less to cover sourcing and delivery services. Individual items may also have independent vendor market price increases.
  • Historical order data will be available after the transition by request. Non-HCC purchasers can also save their order history before the hardware purchasing site is decommissioned See Non-HCC IT Purchasing Order History Directions

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the transition team at [email protected].